Check Schedule Often as Dates & Times are added or moved to another date.

Check schedule often as times and dates change throughout the year


1st   Lake James  Indiana    6 Autumns

8th  Edgerton Ohio Church  Easter Service

9th  Edgerton Ohio  Easter Service

15th   Nettle Lake Ohio   Gospel Trio  Nettle Lake United Brethren  6 pm

16th  York Indiana   Ole York Church   gospel Trio  3 pm

20th  Bryan Ohio     Koras   6 pm

22nd  Hudson Indiana   Thirty 3  8 pm

21st   Wedding DeGaff Ohio

28th  Delphos Ohio   Landeck tavern   7 pm,

29th Carey Brew Station    Cary Ohio


5 & 6   Put n Bay Island  Beer Barrel Saloon

12th   Mc Sobers   Coldwater Ohio

13th  Duckfoot Bar  Celina Ohio

20th   Broadwalk Bar  Celina Ohio

24th   Koras    Bryan Ohio

25th  29th  Simspsonville S. Carolina

30 & 31st   Mountain View Arkansas


1st   Plainfield Missouri

2 .3.4  Ironton Missouri

6th Coldwater Ohio   Taste Of The Town Festival

9th   Lake James Indiana   6 On James   7 pm

10th Burkettsville Picinic

14th   Bryan Ohio   Koras 6 pm

16th   Findley OhioRally In the Alley

17th   Columbia Indiana   Church of Christ Event  6pm

23rd   Lima Ohio   Lincoln Park Dance    7 pm

22 nd  Thursday Night Sound & Lights  Chelsea Michigan   stage 7 6:30

24th  New Knoxville Ohio   New Knoxville Festival

29th   camden Michigan   Gospel Concert with Trio  6:30

30th  Celina Ohio  Duckfoot Bar & Grill  


1st   Liberty Days

2nd  Boardwalk Grill   Celina Ohio

4th  Angola Indiana   Commons Park 2- 3:30

       Bryan Ohio    Koras   6 pm

7th & 8th  Put N Bay Ohio

14 &15th   Put N Bay Ohio

20th  Middlepoint Ohio   Huggy Bear Campground

21st   Broadwalkfest Celina Ohio

22nd Lambert Days   Ohio City Ohio

23 rd   Duckfoot  Bar & Grill   Celina Ohio

28th  Froggys at the Lake   Lakeview Ohio

29th   Private Party


3rd   Bryan Ohio   Koras   6pm

4th  Ottawa Ohio   Lil Nashville

5th  Van Wert Ohio    The Stomping Grounds

6th Fremont Ohio  Jimmy Bucketts

11th  Lake James Indiana   6 on James

12th  Celina Ohio   Mercer County Fair

18  Wren Ohio    Wren Homecoming Fest

19th   London Ohio  Choctaw Lodge

25 &26th   Put N Bay Island


1st   Celina Ohio   Duckfoot Bar & Grill

2nd  Lima Ohio  Ottawa Metro Park

3rd  Russells Point Ohio   Lulus at the Lake

8th   Lake James Indiana    6 on James

9th thru the 20th     Bob & Pattys Weddding Anniversay    Upper Pensula

22  &23   Put N Bay Ohio

26th    Hudson Indiana  Thirty 3

27th    Bryan Ohio    Koras


6th & 7th   Put n Bay island   Ohio

13th   Lake James Indiana    6 On James

18th   Bryan Ohio     Koras

28th    Lakeview Ohio   Indian Lake Eagles


8th   Bryan Ohio   Koras

10th   Lake James Indiana     6 On James

11th   Tiffin Ohio    Tiffin Moose

24th   Marysville Ohio    Marysville Eagles


2nd  Kenton Ohio    Kenton Eagles

5th  Hudson Indiana     Thirty 3

7th  Bryan Ohio    Koras

8th   Lake James Indiana    6 On James

31st  Celina Ohio    Celina Eagles