Check Schedule Often as Dates & Times are added or moved to another date.

Check schedule often as times and dates change throughout the year


9th  Tueasday   Koras Brewhouse  Bryan, Ohio  6:00 to 8:00

12th Friday   6 Autumns  Angola Indiana w/Tara Renee  7 to 10

19th  Friday  Koras Brewhouse  Bryan, Ohio w/Tara Renee  6:30  to 9:30

26th  Friday  Club Paradise  Lake James Indiana w/Tara Renee 8 to 11


2nd Friday  6 Autumns  Angola Indiana w/Tara Renee  7 to 10

7th  Wednesday  Koras Brewhouse   Bryan Ohio  6 to 8

10  Saturday  Garrett Indiana w/Tara Renee Eagles Club 6:30 to 9:30

11 thru 15th  California Bound

17th Saturday Coldwater Michigan with Tara Renee Band

23 Friday  Lake James Indiana w/Tara Renee  Club Paradise  8 to 11

24th Saturday  Bryan, Ohio  w/Tara Renee  Stoney Ridge Winery   5:30


5th  Wednesday  Koras Brewhouse  Bryan, Ohio  6 to 8

28th Friday 6 Autumns  Angola Indiana 7 to 10

29th Saturday  Coldwater Mi.  Waffle Farm Campground w/Tara Renee Band

30th   Sunday   Allen Methodist Church  music special


4th   My Birthday

5th  Ironton, Missouri

10th  Thursday  Angola Indiana 6 Autumns   7 to 10

12 Saturday  Greenvalley Campground  8 to midnight Tara Renee Band

16th Wednesday  Koras Brewhouse Bryan Ohio  6 to 8

26th Saturday   Private Party w/ Tara Renee Band

27th  Sunday   Allen Methodist Church music special


4th  Sunday   Corn Island Coldwater Mi. w/Tara Renee Band  1 pm

10th  Blissfield Festival

14th  Koras Brewhouse  Bryan Ohio  6 to 8

16th  Club Paradise  Lake James, Angola Indiana  8 to 11

24 Saturday  Private Party   Tara Renee Band

31  Saturday  West Unity Ohio  AJ Door Company event   Tara Renee Band


7th Saturday Reading Mi. Festival Days w/Tara Renee  10 to noon

7th Saturday  Angola I.  Private Event   w/ Tara Renee Band

10th Tuesday  Koras Brewhouse  Bryan Ohio   6 to 8

18th & 19th  Armada Michigan Fair w/ Tara Renee Band

27th  Club Paradise, Lake James, Angola Indiana   8 to 11


3rd  Wafflefarm Campground Union City Michigan  7 pm

4th  Saturday  Clear Lake Indiana  w/Tara Renee  Johnson Barn


8th Friday  Stoney Ridge Winery w/ Tara Renee  5:30

22nd  Friday  Club Paradise, Lake James, Angola Indiana  8 pm

24th  Sunday  Ridenour Farm 3:30 to 5:30  Angola Indiana

30th  Saturday  Ridenour Farm w/Tara  1 to 3 pm  Angola Indiana


19th Friday  Club Paradise, Lake James, Angola Indiana  8 to 11


3/4 also 10/11 weekend  Camden Mi  Christmas Sing a Long

6th monday  Reading Mi  Christmas Event 6 pm

19th  Sunday  Allen Mi Methodist Christmas Program sing a long  4:30